Analina is a literature student and writer who moonlights as a design studio manager. A big fan of bright visuals in her workspace, she can be found wearing black on most days.


My love affair with the Internet began with the Internet in India. I worked at India’s very first Internet company way back in the days when websites were published by first loading them onto floppy disks -the original 8-inch disks. From the flashy yet classy ‘websites’ I made on Geocities to the friends I made on IRC to watching Google take baby steps to today, I’ve been around every crevice of the Internet -even the dark web, though in the ’90s, all web was the dark web. So yeah, I know a thing or two about obscure, and I’m as jaded as they come. My posts are my bookmarks folder.


Of these things, I am sure:
Eddie is the love of my life.
Alice is my spirit animal.
David gives me joy.
The Internet is my happy place.
Social media is Satan’s butthole.
We’re only as strong as our weakest link.
I write about things I can’t not write about.


I love spending time with my grumpy dog, even as he ignores me. Hyperlinks are the endless rabbit holes of the Internet, and I'm obsessed with media in all forms, from movies to books to comics. Writing about it all comes naturally. People think I’m a bit of a know-it-all, and they’re right.


Pai is an eternally online gremlin who spends their brief moments offline reading manga and chasing cats. They are a source of useless facts and perfect memes for any occasion. During work hours, they're an animator, illustrator, and general video wizard. 


Body pillow hugger, Miley Cyrus superfan, casual misandrist, hopeful romantic, part–time book hoarder, full–time overthinker, obnoxious older sibling, wilful web-wanderer, poetry snob, occasional cloud-chaser, constant screen-gazer, anti-capitalist lover of all things material and ardent hater of writing bios.


Yoga-doing human whose weaknesses include an inability to say no to chai and the urge to indulge in a new hobby every other month. Happier on the road than in one place. But travel isn’t always possible, so the Internet will do instead.