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We're always looking for guest writers who want to hone their writing chops by writing for Just One Thing. If you like what we do, come on in. The water is nice and warm.

Most of your questions about what to write or why to write have likely been answered below. But if we've missed something, write to justonething[at]beetellstories[dot]com and we'll answer them toot sweet.

1. Who reads Just One Thing?

People who read Just One Thing come in all ages and have diverse interests. What they have in common is their curiosity about the world they inhabit. And they're a tad bit overwhelmed by the vast expanse of the Internet.

2. How many words should I write?

A general rule of thumb is 300-500 words. Any more, and it's just too much.

3. Where do I send my Thing?

Send it to justonething[at]beetellstories[dot]com

4. Is there any particular kind of topic to stick to?

Nope - literally anything under the sun with the Internet as the gateway. We have a particular preference for obscura in all its forms, i.e. stuff that hasn't gone mainstream yet.   

5. Are there no rules?

On the contrary, there are very clear rules. Be inclusive in your writing and steer clear of stereotypes, biases, and generalisations. We won't publish or point people to anything that incites prejudice or discrimination towards any group of people. Propaganda, religious prejudice, queerphobia, casteism, racism and misogyny are not welcome. Calling them out is. Corporations enthusiastically contributing to the world's economic, environmental, and emotional decline, however, are fair targets.

6. Can expletives be used?

Fuck yeah.

7. Is there a specific format I should use?

Not really, but this is how most of our things are structured
1. 👀 Subject
2. Preview
3. Whatever it is you must write about

8. Can anyone write?

In the refrain of Ann Handley's "Everybody Writes", anyone can Thing. You just need to want to share something so badly that you can't help writing about it!

9. Do you publish everything you are sent?

No. Our Curators review and vote on every submission.

10. Will my work be edited?

Yes. You have a choice not to publish if you don't like the edits.

11. How much in advance do I need to write? Is there a deadline?

Our queue is 4 weeks. You can send your writing whenever you'd like, and it'll be published with edits in ~ 4 weeks. 

12. Can I write about something I made?

Sure, as long as it's not a sales pitch. It has to pass muster with our Curators.

13. Who are these Curators?

These wonderful weirdos here

14. Will I get paid?

Nope. But do it anyway. Build your portfolio and flex your research and writing muscles about stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

15. What is Just One Thing anyway?

You know that feeling when you come across something really fascinating? Perhaps a YouTube channel about repairing antiques from Elizabethan England, a data visualization project that tells you how many people are online at the moment on the World Wide Web, a website that tells you which stars are sparkling above you right now, an archive of miniature paintings from anonymous female artists. 

Stuff that just makes you want to grab the person next to you and say "Look at this wondrous thing!"? 

This, in a nutshell, is the essence of every Just One Thing, a weekday newsletter that unearths hidden delights from around the world with the Internet as your doorway. Stuff we unearth tends to be obscure; you know, the kind of stuff that a TikTok teen is looking for to go viral. 

Phew! You made it all the way to the end, you perseverant pumpkin, you.

What’re you waiting for then? Send your Thing to justonething[at]beetellstories[dot]com